Calamari a la romana: easy recipe for battered squid

For those who still have the doubt, squid to the Roman and battered squid are exactly the same.

There are different ways to prepare calamari to the Roman, today we will concentrate on the easiest.

The idea is that we prepare this classic dish of the bars, in the quickest possible way, and that we can consume it for an aperitif at home, or for a Mediterranean dinner.

Recipe calamari a la romana

To make breaded squid, the ideal thing is fresh mollusk, try not to buy squid from the box or bag previously frozen and cut.

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Sliced ​​squid to the Romans

Learn how to prepare squid Roman batter, crunchy and golden with this easy cooking recipe and explained step by step.To save us the job, it is best to order them in centimeter and a half, or two centimeters, rings from the fish market.
  • Optionally, we can mix a little oil with the juice of a lemon, add the bay leaf and soak the rings in this liquid. If we do this, they will be impregnated with this flavor and the oil will help soften them. Ideally (if you have the time) is leaving them marinating several tens of minutes. Some people do not soak them in oil, but only in lemon.
  • With the hands washed and well dried, we will beat the eggs in omelette, in a bowl, with a pinch of salt, another pepper and milk.
  • On a flat plate, we will spread the flour. It is advisable to keep more flour at hand, in case we need a little.
  • We will leave the plate of flour and the bowl with the beaten egg, side by side. Then, heat a good frying pan with an abundant stream of oil, over high heat.
  • We will take the squid rings, drain the marinade, and one by one, we will soak them in the beaten egg, we will pass them through the flour so that they roll (on both sides), and from there they will go directly to the pan with the very hot oil .
  • Let fry each squid ring until it turns golden. If the layer of batter begins to separate from the rings, this is a sign that the oil is not hot enough.
  • When removing each squid ring, we will deposit it on a plate covered with a sheet of absorbent paper, to remove excess fat.
  • The ideal is to consume the battered squid immediately. At the time of serving, accompany with more lemons cut into quarters.
  • If by chance you have a Fryer in your kitchen, you can use it for an optimal result when frying squids. In that case, wait for the oil to heat up to 170 degrees, to introduce the breaded squid.

    Another method to coat the squid

    As we said At the beginning, for this recipe of breaded squid we have explained the simplest method to follow. However, there are other techniques to reboar, including this one that takes a little more time, but with which you will achieve a different consistency that will be very worthwhile.

    • From the start, you will need to separate the yolks and egg whites. On the one hand, the yolks will be mixed with the milk, and also with the batter flour. On the other, we will mount the whites until the snow. We can do this by hand or with an electric mixer (I prefer to save the work with the second one).
    • Once the egg whites are assembled, we will mix them with the yolks and salt the mixture.
    • Before frying the squid we will soak it in it, and it will not be necessary to pass it through a plate of flour.

    As a result of this process, the final batter will be more spongy.


    Another technique proposes to place a little yeast in the flour of the batter, to get more volume.

    Sauces to accompany the calamari a la romana

    The most traditional is to accompany squid battered with mayonnaise.