Salmon tartar easy to make

This salmon tartar recipe is the second installment of our series of tartar recipes. The first was our tuna tartar.

Like the tuna version, this is a dish of Japanese origin, very healthy and simple to make that is usually served as a starter, or appetizer before a strong meal .

Recipe of easy salmon tartar

For this dish we need very fresh salmon, clean, without skin or thorns.

Avocado is also needed, one that be ripe but without excess, since we do not want to puree.

Capers and pickles are usually optional ingredients, but they are great for this recipe so I recommend you use them.


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How to make salmon tartar with avocado

Learn how to prepare a fresh salmon tartar, with this cooking recipe explained step to He passed.The indicated weight corresponds to the salmon meat without these parts already.
  • We are also going to make sure the pickles are already well chopped. If that is not the case, this is the perfect time to do this step and leave them ready to use them. We are going to measure the soup spoon, already with the gherkins cut. The same applies to chives, which must be thoroughly washed and finely chopped.
  • The next thing will be to chop the fish into cubes, using a very sharp knife. The idea is that with a single cut the fish is already separated, without having to go through with the knife, which can end up crushing or deforming it.
  • We will also work with the avocado, we can cut it into pieces of the same size as the fish.
  • We will leave the salmon aside for a moment to prepare a vinaigrette with the liquid ingredients: soy sauce, lemon juice, worcestershire sauce, vinegar, a stream of oil and mustard.
  • Then, in a container, we will mix the salmon with this marinade, and season it to taste with salt and pepper (the latter is totally optional).
  • We will pass the container to refrige rador, so that the meat is impregnated with this juice. It is preferable to place a lid or cover, so that the marinade does not dry out.
  • We will leave the salmon resting for about 20 minutes.
  • After this time, we will remove the salmon from the refrigerator and mix it with chopped pickles, capers (preferably also chopped, but this is the cook's taste), avocado and chives.
  • Then, we will try the tartar to verify the seasoning. If necessary, we will correct it with salt and pepper.
  • To serve the tartar, use a mold circular kitchen. The idea is that you can distribute it in the form of kettledrum, in each dish.

    Tips for an impeccable salmon tartar

    • Do you want to achieve a salmon tartar with more flavor? It replaces a quarter of fresh salmon with smoked salmon.
    • For this recipe, any type of mustard can be used, but the one that works best is Dijon mustard.
    • of chives, parsley is also great with this recipe. It will give a different taste to tartar, but also excellent. Parsley lovers: take advantage of this tip.
    • There are those who add a touch of Tabasco sauce to the mixture of liquids to marinate the fish.
    • To decorate the tartar, you can use some branches of chives and fish roe black or red (caviar type).

    Prevention of anisakis

    As in the case of many other of our recipes with fish, we will leave here a reminder about the prevention of anisakis. This is because it has become quite common to freeze the fish before cooking them, or to simply eat them, to prevent infections against this parasite.

    For prevention purposes, the recommendation is to freeze the fish during less 24 hours, and then thaw it for consumption.

    Naturally, there is nothing like a fresh salmon to make this recipe, and the properties of the fish will change.