Hake in green sauce, traditional recipe

Hake in green sauce is a classic of Spanish cuisine, specifically Basque cuisine.

Today we will learn how to prepare this recipe loaded with seafood, fish and seafood flavors, in addition to unexpectedly easy, and accessible for your pocket.

Hake recipe in green sauce

This typical dish of Basque cuisine will leave you wanting to repeat. The soft texture of the hake, combined with the acid touch of the wine-flavored sauce, make a delicate, delicious, and deliciously green combination.

By the way, I leave here our fish stock recipe , because they are going to need it to prepare this dish.

 hake in green sauce
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Hake in green sauce

Prepare step by step this hake recipe in green sauce, typical of Basque cuisine, and one of the tastiest dishes of the Spanish cuisine of the sea.We are going to wash it very well, then to dry it, and to finely chop the leaves. The ideal would be to obtain the equivalent of two thirds cup of chopped leaves. For the moment, we will reserve this ingredient.
  • Then we will take care of the garlic. You have to peel your teeth and chop them finely. or crush them.
  • The following will heat a stream of oil in a large saucepan or pan over medium heat. There we will add the pieces of garlic to cook them lightly.
  • Let them fry a couple of minutes to take a slightly golden color, stirring frequently to avoid burning.
  • Then add the flour and mix it with the oil and garlic. Once these ingredients are integrated pour the wine and mix again. Next we will add the broth and we will mix again.
  • We will leave the sauce to cook a couple of minutes and then add the chopped parsley.
  • It is time to arrange each slice of hake on the bottom of the pan or pan. It is advisable to use a wooden spatula to carry out this operation trying to avoid the fish being damaged as much as possible.
  • We will wait between three and four minutes before flip each wheel to cook on the other side.
  • As for the first side should only be cooked for a limited time. It is important to pay attention to the cooking time, thoroughly, because if we pass, the wheels can start to get rid.
  • We are going to remove the pieces of hake from the pot. Before pouring the remaining sauce on them let's try it to make sure it is well seasoned. If necessary, add a little more salt and mix it well.
  • hake in green sauce

    Other ingredients for hake in green sauce

    In this recipe no we have included some pair of ingredients that are used with certain frequency, to prepare this dish. For those who want to include them in the preparation, we will explain how to do it.

    Hake in green sauce with prawns and clams

    To add these seafood to our recipe, we will include a dozen of each in our list of ingredients. The hake combined with both are absolutely delicious.This will also be done before starting the main preparation.

  • You have to remove the clams from the water, and drain them, before starting the preparation of the green sauce. You also have to make sure that they lose any remaining sand (another option is to cook them separately, in another pot, and let them open themselves).
  • To integrate these ingredients with the rest of the recipe, we will mix the Prawns and clams with the sauce, just after adding and mixing the wine. This will begin to cook a little before the fish.
  • We will remove prawns and clams from the pot at the end of cooking, just at the time of pouring the sauce on the hake slices. From the pot, they will go on to decorate our fish wheels.
  • Hake in green sauce with peas

    Apparently, the peas have many followers, who have become frequent ingredients of this recipe. I agree with them: the peas have a great taste of hake with green sauce.

    If you want to add them to your recipe, include a large handful of pea in your list of ingredients.

    Add them to the preparation at the same time you start cooking the fish wheels.

    Hake in green sauce with eggs

    There are those who love Include one or two eggs in your hake recipe in green sauce, so today we will also see how to integrate this ingredient into the preparation, just in case you crave it. From the start, we will start from the fact that they will be boiled eggs. We're going to need a pair.

    Just in case, and because I think it could be useful, I leave this link on how to make a perfect hard egg here.

    Well, then we'll save the eggs to serve at the end with each dish of hake. They can be used whole or in halves. They can also be replaced by poached egg.

    The ingredients we have named are the most popular that have become part of this recipe. The green asparagus have also become a common accompaniment to this dish, when serving it.

    Hake with green sauce: tips

    • This recommendation may sound almost obvious, but it is worth remembering it: the better the quality of the fish, the better the result of the recipe. Use a fresh fish and make sure it is clean, before you start cooking.
    • This dish is delicious accompanied with good baked potatoes: (https://www.comedera.com/receta -of-potatoes-to-the-oven/
    • You can also use steamed potatoes.

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