Mexican Molotes, traditional recipe

Mexican "antojitos", like toast and golden tacos, are known around the world. The molote is also an "appetizer", less known internationally, prepared with the omnipresent cornmeal and a touch of potatoes.

Recipe of molotes

In addition to potatoes and flour of corn, the molotes are prepared with chorizo ​​or with pork, or with both if you wish 🙂

It also includes fresh cheese and butter.

molotes mexicanos

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 mexican molotes
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Mexican Molotes step by step

Recipe d cook to prepare homemade Mexican molotes, stuffed with chorizo ​​or pork. The filling is optional, and can be changed to other ingredients, such as cheese, or beef.We are going to peel them and chop them into irregular pieces.
  • With the boiling water, we will add the potatoes to the pot, with a pinch of salt. While this can be done with potatoes without chopping, it is advisable to add them already cut, so that they cook faster. In this way, cooking should take around 20 minutes.
  • Cook the potatoes, we can take advantage of frying the stuffed meat. In this case, heat a pan with a little oil, and then fry the chorizo ​​or pork, according to our choice. To fry the chopped chorizo, it should be enough with 5 minutes, maximum 8. If it is another meat, it may take a little more time. Reserve.
  • You can also take advantage of this time to prepare the corn dough. Use the flour and add water, in a ratio of just under cups of water, for every two cups of flour. Add a pinch of salt, the tablespoon of wheat flour, mix well, and knead to remove any lumps.
  • When the potatoes are ready, drain them and calculate half of the pieces. With these, prepare a quick mash, crushing them with a potato press or even with a fork.
  • Then, add the mashed potatoes, butter and grated cheese to the dough. You can do it directly and knead again, to mix everything, or you can quickly melt the butter, with the help of a microwave or a pot. Nothing else, in this last case, be careful not to burn yourself.
  • Shape balls with the dough, and prepare two sheets of plastic and a roller to crush them. Calculate each ball so that when crushed, the dough produces a kind of tortilla of between 8 and 10 centimeters.
  • Once each piece is flattened, place a little pork or chorizo, and a little bit of potatoes, using the cooked pieces that remain. If you wish, you can season the potatoes before incorporating them for the filling, and add a touch of oregano.
  • Then fold the dough to close it and that the filling is isolated inside. Help with your hands to give it a cylinder shape, or a bit like a pie or quesadilla.
  • Heat more oil in a skillet, and fry each mole, enough to brown on each side.
  • Prepare a plate covered with a sheet of absorbent paper, to place the molotes once you take them out of the pan. The idea is that the paper absorbs some of the oil's grease.
  • That that's it. Your Mexican molotes are ready.
  • You can serve the molotes accompanied by green sauce, guacamole, of red sauce or cream of milk. In fact, you can combine several of these dressings. I also recommend accompanying them with refried beans.

    Tips for the preparation of molotes

    • Remember that for Mexican recipes do not use any type of corn flour, but those where corn has gone through a process of nixtamalization.However, if you live outside, you have to look for a real Mexican corn flour.
    • If you change the filling, and decide to use beef, the most recommended cut is the skirt. The ideal is that you use it unraveled. For this, after cooking, unroll it in threads with the help of a pair of forks.
    • If you want to give more flavor to the potatoes, before incorporating them into the dough, you can quickly cook it in the same pan where You prepared the chorizo ​​or the pork. Of course, you have to do that once they are boiled and drained.
    • You can add ¼ teaspoon of chemical yeast or royal powder at the time of preparing the corn dough, if you want your molotes to boil more .
    • The molotes are prepared with potatoes very frequently. However, there are regions where the dough is made only with flour, and consumed in this way, without potatoes.
    • If you wish, you can incorporate other ingredients into the filling, such as chopped chilies, onions, garlic or cooked tomatoes.

    If you are interested in learning more about the origin of this dish, leave here this link about the history of the molote.

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