Squid with onions, step by step

Squid lovers and also onion lovers will find their perfect dish with this recipe: calamari with onions .

Particularly, I am a lover of the dishes they use that type of preparations: the onion, the garlic ... I find that they are the most delicious recipes that exist, but at the same time they do not hide the taste of the main ingredients. On the contrary, they stand out.

Onions squid recipe

Squid onion, or baby squid with onions, obtain their characteristic flavor thanks to certain very tasty ingredients: wine, broth from Fish, onions and of course, the calamari. You might think that this combination of ingredients would end up not being harmonious, but on the contrary, it is a flavor bomb.

As we have mentioned, to prepare this recipe we are going to need some fish fumet, as base for the sauce. If you want to achieve a really homemade recipe, I recommend you start by preparing this ingredient, with our recipe of fish broth or stock.

You also have the option of adding a diced tomato in small cubes to the recipe. This is already optional.

 squids onions served on a plate dipped in sauce
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Squid with onions, homemade recipe

Prepare these delicious calamari with onions with this easy recipe and explained step by step.For this, we will heat a large pan with a good jet of oil (and the fire between medium and low).
  • We will cook the onion for a few minutes (about 8) so that it starts to turn transparent. While we let it brown, take the opportunity to sprinkle it with a little salt and pepper, to taste.
  • Next, add the pieces of squid to the onions. We will fry them together for 8 more minutes, then add the wine.
  • Mix and let's reduce the alcohol for 5 minutes, then add the fumet with the sweet paprika and the laurel.
  • Finally, we will mix everything again and cook for 10 more minutes.
  • Once this time has passed, we will try the dish to verify the seasoning. If necessary, we will correct it with a little more salt and pepper.
  • That that's it. The squid with onions are already ready.
  •  squid onions served on a plate dipped in sauce

    Preparing the squid for cooking

    If for some reason, when you start this recipe only has squid complete and not cleaned, we leave here this link:

    How to clean and cut the squid.

    Or if you prefer in video:

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    We hope you enjoyed preparing our recipe for calamari with onions.

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