Tacos de cabeza, Mexican recipe

The recipe for head tacos is one of the best ways to prepare beef or pork head meat.

Usually, they are prepared with the meat of the first animal, whether they are adult cows or calves.

Other common ingredients for the preparation of this dish are the chile guajillo, cloves, onion, garlic and some broth.

Recipe of tacos de cabeza

Today we will learn how to prepare at home one of the classics of the best Mexican taquerias: the head tacos.

Tacos de cabeza, Mexican recipe

mexican head tacos
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Homemade head tacos

Cooking recipe to prepare, p step by step, some very Mexican head tacos.To start, with the meat clean, we will pepper it to taste.
  • Then, we will get a pot large enough to cook all the meat.
  • We will heat this pot with water and broth, if you have decided to use it. Meanwhile, we will peel the garlic cloves from the head and add them to the pot, just like the cloves.
  • We will also peel the onions and chop them into irregular pieces. Similarly, we will wash and chop the chili into pieces, removing the rest of the branch and the seed. Both ingredients will go straight to the pot.
  • Season with a bay leaf. Then, we will add the head meat. Ideally, the water level should cover your level. If necessary, we will add more water to get to that point.
  • Now comes the long part of the recipe: we will leave the meat covered, and on low heat, for around 5 hours.
  • When the cooking time is over, wait for the meat to cool, without moving it. Then, drain it and if necessary, finely chop it.
  • To serve, reheat the meat by passing it through a hot pan, to brown it, or to steam it.
  • How to serve the tacos of head?

    If you wish, you can take advantage of part of the cooking time of the head, to advance the ingredients with which you will accompany this meat. Here's what you'll need:

    1. A bunch of fresh coriander
    2. Some lemons
    3. One or two dozen corn tortillas (depending on the size of the the omelette)
    4. Red or green sauce
    5. A white or purple onion

    To serve the heads, you must do the following:

    • Peel and chop the onion in cubes or julienne.
    • Wash the cilantro well and chop the leaves, chop the lemons in quarters or eighths.
    • Prepare your tortillas and your sauce.

    The idea is to arrange these ingredients in individual containers, so that everyone can take their tortillas, fill them with head meat to prepare their tacos, Squeeze the juice of a piece of lemon to season them, and cover them with onion and chopped cilantro, in addition to sauce. You can also decorate with other ingredients, less common, but equally used and delicious, such as pieces of tomato, lettuce strips, pieces of cucumber, avocado strips or slices of jalapeño pepper.

    At the time of serving, heat the tortillas by passing them through a pan with a little oil.

    Tips for preparing the head studs

    • It is important that the liquid in which the head is cooked is well flavored and flavored. That is why it is recommended to add chicken or beef broth. Of course, you always have the option of using buckets of dehydrated broth, but nothing beats a good concentrate and home-prepared broth.
    • Obviously, if you have extra liquid from the cooking of the head, use it and use it to prepare something else. Example: beef soup 🙂
    • For this recipe, you can also use only the meat of the cheek.

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