Tuna tartar recipe

Delightfully refreshing, the tuna tartar recipe brings out the best in this delicious fish.

As it is fresh tuna, it is important to choose a fish of good quality, good color and good smell.

Ideally, use bluefin tuna.

Tuna tartar with avocado

It has recently become very fashionable to incorporate avocado into the preparation of tuna tartar. This ingredient is not mandatory (although it fits the recipe very well).

Therefore, we will explain at the end of the preparation how to use the avocado. Those who want to omit this ingredient, can ignore this part of the recipe.

tuna tartar recipe

 tartar recipe of tuna
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How to make tuna tartar

Discover this special recipe for tuna lovers Fresh and raw: a delicious tuna tartar with avocado.Then, we will reserve it for a few minutes.
  • The next thing will be to chop the tuna (very clean ) in small cubes or dice.
  • Next, we will peel the onion half and also the chop into very, very small cubes.
  • In a bowl, mix the onion and tuna, very delicately so as not to damage the fish.
  • Now let's add the sauce the container with the onion and tuna, and make sure it integrates well. For this, we can remove the pieces a little bit, again, very carefully.
  • The ideal is to let the tuna and onion marinate for a few minutes, before consuming them. In this way, both ingredients will absorb the marinade flavor.
  • At the time of serving , the tuna can be decorated with the rest of the sesame seeds, and with a spoonful of chopped chives (optional).
  • To serve this dish in oriental style, it can be accompanied by a little wasabi and a little bit of cured ginger, both next to the tartar.
  • Avocado use for a tuna tartar

    • Cut the avocados into halves or pieces, lengthwise.
    • Remove the skin and the seed, and cut the pulp into cubes. To obtain pieces with a good consistency, it is important to choose avocados that are not very ripe, otherwise they will become almost a cream.
    • Use the lemon juice to water the pieces of avocado. In this way, you will prevent them from rusting.
    • You can also add a stream of oil, and salt to taste.
    • You can use the avocado as a base to present your tuna tartar. The idea is to make a first floor of pieces of avocado, and arrange the fish on top. You can arrange it in two floors naturally, or use a kitchen cup or bucket (or cube) to build a tartar in the form of kettledrum, with avocado first and tuna on top.

    Tips for preparing a homemade tuna tartar

    • If you want to learn a way to cut the avocado into cubes, easily and quickly, we leave you in link to this cutting video avocado.
    • Do not forget to choose the appropriate avocados so that, when cut into cubes, the consistency of the pieces remains firm. For this, it is important that they are at an intermediate point: neither green, nor mature. An avocado still green will not be pleasant to eat, nor will it peel off either the seed or the shell. On the opposite side, a very ripe avocado will become almost a paste when cut. It's kind of avocado is better for other types of recipes.

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    Bon appetit.